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We created BellSant in the pursuit of our mission to help our members live the healthiest, happiest life for as long as possible. Members are achieving amazing results with the science of BellSant. 


Case Study




Increased Vo2 Max by 30%

Why this matters: Research has found that people with a Vo2 Max in the top 5% of people in the same age and gender group have more than a 2x lower chance of developing chronic health issues compared to those with average values.




Lowered body fat (w/out prescriptions) by 38%

Why this matters: Research has found a 25 percent reduction in the likelihood of heart disease among women that gained less than 10 pounds between their middle age (35-55) and 18th birthday.




Reduced LDL cholesterol (w/out prescriptions) by 39%

Why this matters: Research has found that high levels of LDL in your blood can increase the likelihood of a short lifespan by 15% in comparison to those with optimal LDL levels.

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